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About me

Michael Smith, publishing and marketing consultant, at the 2011 London Book Fair

Michael Smith, marketing consultant to publishing companies of all sizes

Hi! My name’s Michael Smith. I work as a message and marketing consultant, with a particular interest in strategic communication and branding to drive new sales and to deliver repeat business.

In writing A Brand Day Out, my aim is to help businesses large and small to leverage core assets and avoid many of the communication mistakes made in the past – and which, indeed, are still being made today. Mistakes which affect positioning, pricing and ultimately profitability.

My focus lies in value – how products and services should work, what they should cost, and how they can be marketed in a complex market place.

Communication – and the credibility of that communication – is key. From conception, to marketing, through production and finally to the consumer, sales can only be guaranteed if delivery meets promise. Yet, it’s surprising how often the game is still “here’s a product – buy it if you want it”.

Please subscribe to A Brand Day Out! And don’t forget  to get in touch if you need my help.

Very best


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  1. May 6, 2010 11:13 am

    I am now officially a ‘Brand Day Out’ addict. Utterly brilliant, especially as I agree with almost every sentiment. If you are wondering what to do next in your career then you should consider journalism……At least publish these blogs yourself for more people to enjoy!

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