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To see is to believe – Aircraft Carrier Alliance project shows how to create belief in things not yet created

August 12, 2010
Image of the UK's new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

Ownership rehearsal - how the UK's Aircraft Carrier Alliance make the marketing case for a product which does not yet exist


Creating interest in a product is one of the key purposes of marketing. Car makers do it by creating an “experience”. Book publishers do it by creating a PR buzz. And the UK’s new aircraft carrier team – Aircraft Carrier Alliance – do it by creating a 3D visualisation of two 65,000 ton vessels which will take 10 years to make. Something which does not yet exist actually appears on your computer screen. But there’s more to it than this… 

The Royal Navy’s Aircraft Carrier project is a prime example of the marketer’s art. In an environment where money is tight and where budgets are being squeezed, it is crucial to make a case. And boy, does the Carrier Alliance team – and the Royal Navy – know how to make a case. 

On their slick new website they show where the carriers will be made. They show how many British manufacturing companies will be involved. They show the geographical spread of job creation. They reveal breathtaking technology. They have a pride in what they are doing. And, in a sophisticated 3D video they show just what these carriers will look like, what they’ll do, how they’ll work and, emotionally, the create a real sense of vision and belief. 

Marketers who are facing difficult times can learn a lot from how the Aircraft Carrier Alliance is approaching this project. They know that money is tight, so they focus on all the things a carrier can do. They know the recession is biting so they focus on jobs created. They know that defence is more than just fighting, so they focus on humanitarian deliverables. They talk about education. They talk about careers. 

In creating this site, the Aircraft Carrier Alliance show the true possibilities of effective marketing. The creation of a story. The creation of credibility. The creation of belief. The development in the mind’s eye of something which is possible. 

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance is doing a real job, making a real thing, which will benefit many thousands of people and will act as a beacon for what can be achieved when men and women work with their hands. The Aircraft Carrier Alliance shows just what is possible when marketing minds match customer vision. 

Image: HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, taken from the Aircraft Carrier Alliance website.


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